Oh, god. I really haven't kept up with this thing, huh?

My apologies, potential readers. I just got caught up in some things, and coding this site wasn't exactly my number one priority.

The truth is, This isn't me. I can't really say how, but this whole thing just isn't me.

One day, I'll really spill the beans on the whole ordeal.

Actually, fuck it. I mean, what's stopping me, yanno?

So, none of this is real. I tried to keep a little fake diary, and it was really fun! I liked having this other persona, a perfect little version of me. But, it still wasn't me.

Coming up with some other person, choosing what they like, what they don't like, thier own problems and battles they face... is truly thrilling.

Of course, I'm not a 50 year old creepy dude living in his mother's basement, haha.

I'm a teenage girl, yeah. But I'm definetly not the girl from those entries.

And I figure, I need this diary now more than ever. I have a hard time opening up about things, and this might just be

Todays images are:

Old school lolly gif! Bear shaped bread! A cute bunny shake!