Log 3-24-13

What a day!

Well, not realy, LOL. I haven't done much, aside from coupon-ing and hanging out online.

I drew a lot, so that's something! I have like four drafts though, and I only finished one of them... oops!

I've been watching / listening to Ghibli movies. God, I haven't watched one in so long, they're all just so... whimsical, I guess?

Everything about them is the best. I hope that one day I can see them in person again.

I figured out how to connect games to the internet, too. That's fun! guess I can be a gamer now

Ah... what else have I done today?

Well, I've been making a list of food I want to eat, if I ever get back to how I was, all Alphonse-style, LOL

Eating good food is one of my favorite things in the world. Texture, taste, the feeling you get when you know a meal is going to be good... home cooked food, shared with your family!! It's just the best.

Even the simple things, sometimes. Frozen yogurt with friends, etc. The best things in life are spent with friends, I suppose!

I wonder what my family and friends are doing right now. I hope they're ok

It's best to just not think of it, right?

Well, that's just about all I can talk about, huh? Well, it's been fun! I'll see you again tomorrow!

Oh, one more thing! I noticed a lot of people have been visiting! Thank you all so much for reading, it means so much to me!

Todays images are:

Sailor moon! Ghibli icon! A bunny drawing!