Today's been pretty chill! Not much going on around here right now.

I have a day off from work, so I'm having a nice time relaxing!

having a nice time playing video games, I recently learned how to download software despite not having any real sort of computer or console.

It's weird still, like playing something in vr. It's basically like making your own mini-console to run it on. Now to figure out how to connect it to the internet...

Well, I feel cute today! So, that's nice. Guess it's possible to be cute without physical form.

I miss my friends in the real world, but I'm happy to be able to talk to people online. Online people are so nice, you know?

even though it's so strange, there's a lot of good people there. You just have to look for them, I guess.

Same goes for Neocities! I haven't even been here that long, and I've already found so many interesting websites!!

The interet's weird place, but It's still got great things on it. Guess why that's why we all like it so much, huh?

Until you have to live on it, I guess.

Oh, I guess I kinda went on a rant there, oops! Well, that's all I really have to say today. I'll see you later!

Todays images are:

A cute sweater! I think it's salmon! Cute choco bears, yum!