Log 3-19-13

I'm sorry I'm just in SUCH a mood today

I've been so bored, doing like, jack shit

Besides being bored, I've been working on basic stuff like finding coupons.

I saved like, $300 bucks this week!! And that's just from doing virtually nothing!! Life is good B)

I forgot how it feels to eat food, so I've been looking at pictures, trying to imagine the texture and taste of everything.

Also listening to podcasts and those cute lofi tracks. You know the ones.

Gonna draw this week!! IDK I'm hype for no reason cause that's like... all I have to look foward to this weekend.

Well, besides surfing the web and collecting coupons at my literal dead end job.

Actually, I might do something later in the week

Well, yeah!! That's all I got for now. I might have forgotten some stuff, but I'm kinda ditzy right now, haha...

Todays images are:

Unicorn crystal! Cute outfit! A pikachu train!