Log 3-16-13

Another day, completed!

Today was alright. Went to work, not much to report there. Couldn't find a lot of codes for people. sad :(

Decided to look at the coffee shop page again. They hired a new manager, I wonder how that changes things?

Once I was done with that, I started browsing, as usual.

I recently got into evangelion. It's really good! On episode 17 RN, and gosh, is it heavy sometimes.

But the site always has anime porn game ads. Kind of ruins the atmosphere..

Also, browsing neocities websites is like, my new favorite passtime. There's so much interesting stuff to look at!

Aghh, I haven't drawn in forever, though... whoops! I'll get on that.

Well, once I finish something up, I guess I'll slap it up here!

Guess I don't have much to talk about today. Sorry!! Maybe something fun will happen tomorrow, who knows!

Todays images are:

Cute lil' dancer! I don't even know what this is..