Log 3-15-13

Another good day!

Today was my day off from work, so I decided to go linger around forums and all that.

I love hearing about the things people do, and what they're thinking.

They're all almost like friends, but in kind of a weird way. It's distaint, I guess?

Like if you were flying in a plane, how all the buildings feel small, or unreal. You know they're there, and people are there, but not to you.

Now I'm thinking of the time I went on a plane...

It was really beautiful. The sky was an inky black, and speckled with stars. It was kind of astounding how pretty everything was under the moon.

Ahah, I can't really remember what happened after that... sorry!

I suppose that's all for today! See you later!

Todays images are:

Hello kitty 1. Hello kitty 2. Hello kitty 3.