Log 3-14-13

Today was a great day!

Went to work as usual. Nothing much to report there. I saved someone 20 dollars today :)

After work, I went to the website of my favorite coffe shop. I miss visiting there, so sometimes I look around to see if anything's changed.

I thought about how I used to be, Sitting there, drinking a chai latte, and noshing on a scone, or somehing.

So nice... it was raining outside, too. The atmosphere was perfect.

After that, I headed home. It's been chill so far. Not doing much atm, besides browsing.

But, that's about it for today!!

Oh, wait, one more thing!! I got 300 views on this site today!

It's kinda scary having so many people see this site, but I'm also very honored! Thank you all for viewing it!!

Well, that's all, folks!

Todays images are:

A cute dog! A cute sailor moon gif! Some cute drinks!