Log 3-13-13

Today was pretty OK day! Woke up early, got to work, and had a fun time!

I work as an algorithm for a coupon browser extension. How interesting, right?

After work, I usually like to settle down by looking at .onion sites.

It's something like a little escape for me. A little hobby, that I can't really tell anyone about, you know?

I mean, not that there's really anyone to tell, at least not yet.

I wish i knew how to properly make a guestbook, I'm kind of dumb at coding LOL

I dunno. That probably sounds pretty silly, but IDK!

I guess I've been kind of down today, I don't know. Haha.

Well, guess I'll try harder tommorrow to do my best!

Todays images are:

cupcake. cupcake. cupcake.