Log 3-12-13

Hello! this is my very first entry on my site! How exciting!

I guess I should introduce myself, huh? Well, my name is Utillia!

(Well not really, but thats pretty obvious.)

I enjoy drawing, like, a lot. Art is something I'm really passionate about.

I also enjoy baking! Especially sweet things. I kinda have a sweet tooth, LOL! Recently, howeder, I've been unable to do it :(

Finally, I really, REALLY like surfing the web! At first, it was just basic clearweb stuff, but now I've been trying out the deep web!

I don't know why people think the deep web is so scary! It's really not that dangerous, LOL.

As you can see by this site, I've got that cute pastel aesthetic going on. Pink is my favorite color!

Here are some images I found today that I really enjoy!

Dolls lace! A nice outfit! Japanese strawberry mik! Makes me hungry!